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Bartending & Mixology Training

Many people think that Bartending is quite as simple as pouring alcoholic ingredients into a drink and then handing out them out to guests. Nothing could be further from reality. Truly speaking, bartending is acquired service knowledge with the associated science and culinary prowess, which culminates into a high end professional skill. Quality restaurants and bars rely heavily on the proficiency of bartenders, who are literally central to their business ventures.

A quick note on “Mixology”. This term has come into fashion in the past few years. Some state that this term is akin to calling a janitor a “Custodial Engineer”. However, there is reasonable documentation that a Mixologist is indeed different than a Bartender. A Bartender pours drinks. However, a Mixologist has taken the extra effort to learn and study about the craft of bartending. These individuals can explain how Vodka is distilled or the difference between Scotch, Bourbon & Whiskey. Even though they are all Whisk(e)y. They can confidently recommend a wine or beer with a meal and the more skilled ones can even recommend a cocktail with your meal.
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