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Brandy derives its name from Brandywine, an anglicized term for the Dutch Brandewijn or burnt wine. Dutch traders introduced secrets of brandy making to Northern Europe after learning about it in France and Spain.The distilleries made brandy by distillation of wine followed by storing the product in wooden barrels. The resulting spirit contained 35%- 60% alcohol by volume, an equivalent to 70–120 U.S. proof.

It is said that brandy originated during the evolution and development of the distillation process. Brandy was first found in liquor markets in 12th century and acquired increasing popularity during the 14th century. History tells us that Dutch traders wanted to reduce the volume of wine to minimize shipment taxes and space on shipping vessels. (Wine was distilled to extract excess water before shipment to reduce taxes. Water was supposed to be added once the distilled wine reached its port). Their barrels contained wine, [concentrated by further distillation], before being loaded on ships.

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