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Cordials and Liqueurs are as much a part of a well-stocked bar, as Vodka or Scotch Whisky. Though the terms Cordials and Liqueurs are sometimes used interchangeably, in some regions of the world Cordials are clearly distinguishable from Liqueurs. For example, in member countries of the British Commonwealth, cordials are just concentrated fruit syrups with absolutely no alcohol content. But Liqueurs in any country will typically contain some alcohol. The reason why the two are usually associated together is attributable to some commonalities like sweetness, their large scale use as flavoring agents and as taste accompaniments with other beverages.

Cordials & liqueurs are very versatile and can take on almost any flavor. The three most dominant flavor presentation styles are: Fruit, Nuts & Spice. Alcohol can be considered another flavor presentation style, but it’s more the expression of a spirit, than a specific flavor.

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