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Although Sake is generally associated with Japanese food, it can be a great companion to many non-Asian meals. Sake can also be used in place of wine when cooking, with great results. As with wine and food pairings, you can either try to match or contrast the flavors of Sake with food. Sake can be incredibly complex and there are many different aspects to its taste. In general, it has a lower acidity than wine and no tannins or preservatives. The flavors can range from herbal and nutty to fruity and floral, to “rice-like”. While most foods can be paired with Sake, very strongly flavored foods or heavily spiced meals are generally not good choices. Unlike wine, Sake works very well as an accompaniment to foods using heavier amounts of vinegar or soy sauce. The secret of Sake and food pairing, (or any pairing for that matter), is to experiment. There’s no wrong combination, as long as you enjoy it.

Pairing Sake with food. A bartending school near you won’t teach you this. Beverage

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