We believe every hospitality business is unique. This is why offers CUSTOMIZED TRAINING for your hospitality business. We can create any hospitality related course, (beverage related or not), on any subject for staff, on menus or service, for restaurant and bar owners.

We advance hospitality as we can cater to you – the bar or restaurant owner who wants to train their whole staff on their menus or service standards. This is what makes unique.

We can train staff on only what YOU WANT COVERED!

  • Customized Menu Training
  • Highly Trained Associates
  • Detailed Product Knowledge
  • Beverage Pairing Training
  • Increased Sales
  • Custom Video Tutorials

Classes and video tutorials can be created on any subject imaginable. And since our team of professionals have and currently work in the hospitality industry, we know what’s important and how to train for these skills. No simple set of bartending classes online can do this.

Beverage Edu’s online bartending courses are unique. They’re in-depth and cover all the aspects of the individual ingredients in cocktails, flavors and how to mix them. Independent students will become well versed in hospitality. This leads to better service and enhanced tips. For the restaurant or bar owner, our custom courses train your employees to your standards on your content. Extraordinary… Contact us today and get customized training for your hospitality business.

Class is in Session. Drink Up!

Customized Training for Your Hospitality Business

We bring a personal and effective approach to every subject we train on, which is why our students love us and why they keep coming back.